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Ok, so after weeks of reading, researching and prototyping I finally have a working model for my project which is to drive individual RGB strips in my new custom designed staircase. Each tread has a frosted glass insert and niche for a RGB strip. I'll be controlling each step individually through sensors and other fun stuff, but for now I'm sticking to the basics, cycling through some PWD code. I've prototyped using single RBG LEDs but before I hook everything up, I'd like someone to check my calculations so that I don't blow up my chips. So here's the setup:

3 TLC5940s daisy-chained per instructions found in the playground. Based on the strip specs, I would need a 12V 3.6A power source to drive the strips on full load (white). I'd also like to have a single power source for the strips and the arduino. Will the approach below work? I've read a little about de-coupling to keep the TLCs from over-heating. Is that something I need to consider here? Any help in getting this right the first-time without casualities would be appreciated  :)

On a related programming note, any best practices around connect the PWM channels? is it easier to write logic connecting the RBGs like this or having all the Blues to one TLC, Reds to another, etc...? Thanks again


Sorry to bump this guys, but i need to install it this weekend. Can someone validate whether this is going to work? will sending 12V, 5Amps melt the TLCs? will I harm the Arduino by sourcing it with this type of power supply? Do I need to look into heat dissipation techniques?



What do those chips do?

Why not just use a bunch of mofsets to switch the LEDs on and off? Hook three PWM signals up to three mofsets, and then run each channel through the mofsets? They won't have any trouble at all dealing with that level of current and your breadboard will become much simpler and smaller.


Thanks KE7GKP, I'll move forward with the implementation then and post some pics and video once it's done :)

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