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Hi, I just have started a simple project based on Matthijs Kooijman book "Building Wireless Sensor Networks Using Arduino".

The project consists in two arduinos, one receives information from a sensor and sends it wirelessly through an Xbee configured as a Router to another arduino which has an Xbee configured as a coordinator.

The project works fine and I get printed on my computer the readings of the sensor.

What I would like to add is a simple check that the network is "alive" / that the Router is sending information / and so on.

I am using the book technique of using callback functions which basically leaves in the coordinator
an "xbee.loop()" statement that relies on all the callbacks for the different actions to be taken.

The problem is that I haven´t found any callback that simply checks that the connection is valid or anything similar.

Perhaps there is an easier way of querying the status of the transmission without using callbacks and I am trying to do it the harder way.

So, any ideas ?

Thank you in advance

José Ignacio

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