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Hi there I am looking at designing and making an automatic door system for my disabled brother, I have an idea of how to control it (arduino obv.), and to use a car central locking button receiver as the remote control part of it.  The problem i am having is what to use for the opening and closing mechanism. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And of course i will let you guys know how the projects gets on the exhibition forum.


Using a commercial door-opening mechanism?


I was looking for something a little cheaper


You could buy such an automatically closing doors, take the innards out and put a small powerful engines, or a small motor and some gears

http://www.dorma.dk/prod/content/view/full/23754/% 28code 29/product_detail% /%% 28parent 29/23753

Big Oil

A regular door with ropes and pulleys.  A DC motor to wind the rope forwards and backwards.  (the motor pulls it open, a hanging weight pulls it closed.)


Or just turn the + and - on the DC motor


Are there other requirements besides automatic opening?

e.g. a lock? ==> There are sketches about RFID tagged doorlocks.

How many doors you need to make? One or more?

Are "saloon" doors an option? Or must the doors close 100%?

Is your brother in a wheelchair? As this has implications for the width (and weight) of the door and how far it must open.

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I was looking for something a little cheaper

What's your definition of "cheaper"?

For instance, a linear actuator (with built-in potentiometer, which will likely be needed) could be used, but depending on the size of the door, could get expensive...

What's your budget for this project?
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