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Does ATmega328P have 2303 or 2304 SRAM memory locations?

From the datasheet, SRAM memory is organized as follows: 32 registers + 64 I/O registers + 160 Ext I/O registers + 2048 Internal SRAM = 2304 memory locations.

The datasheet says:
The lower 2303 data memory locations address both the Register File, the I/O memory, Extended I/O
memory, and the internal data SRAM. The first 32 locations address the Register File, the next 64
location the standard I/O memory, then 160 locations of Extended I/O memory, and the next 2K locations
address the internal data SRAM.


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I have in older datasheet: "The lower 768/1280/1280/2303..." but a bit below in Data Memory Map is written "0x02FF/0x04FF/0x4FF/0x08FF". 0x08FF (2303DEC) is max address from 0-2303 => 2304.

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This is the SRAM Memory Map prepared based on ATmega328P data sheets.

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