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I am also a beginner in Robotics but I've used Arduino for a while now.

I think you can do a lot more with Arduino type boards. I've started a project which sounds similar to what you suggest. A connection between smart phone / tablet  and an arduino controlled robot over bluetooth. I'm using the mega2560 board.

I'm sharing the project here as it develops: http://gampageek.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/blog-post_3714.html . It's very raw at the moment but I have made some progress and posted code and hardware designs.

Craig Turner, blog: http://gampageek.blogspot.co.uk/ It helps with my learning if I write things down, esp. for others to follow (constructive comments welcomed to improve)


Hello all-

So I've been playing around with my Arduino for a few months now, and I love the thing. However, I think I'm ready to move onto bigger things. I want to learn how to basically wire my netbook to a roomba and drive it, or basically use a computer to replace the arduino.

So, you want to do something more advanced than this?


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