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Hi all,

For several projects in the past an Arduino is performing basic tasks like sending serial data to serial-to-parallel chips and LED's
This is not rocket science to write but for me it is.

To be able to make ik more accesable for me I am looking for a higher level programming language which enables the user to build the software by blocks, flowcharts or scripts.

A more graphical approach so to say.

This language is the translation between Arduino (C++) code and the user.

Anyone familiar with this and can give me an advice on how to create ?

I am willing to pay for this software to setup!

Thanks in advance


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I'm not sure what you mean by "scripts" but you might consider CircuitPython or MicroPython as allowing you to program using the higher-level Python language, while being much more flexible and powerful than the visual programming options. This doesn't meet your criteria that it translate to Arduino code or for a graphical approach. Due to the resource demands, you would need to use an Arduino board with a more powerful microcontroller than the AVRs on the classic Arduino boards (e.g. Uno, Leonardo, Mega). CircuitPython is for the SAMD boards. MicroPython is for STM32, ESP8266, ESP32, and a couple others.


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