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Hello everyone,

My name is Abe Howell and I have been developing an Arduino compatible educational, open-source robot for the past few years. Apeiros is finally ready for beta testing and this is what brings me to the Arduino forum today. If anyone is interested in becoming a beta tester, then please contact me through this forum, via Twitter or my website.

My beta test plan is primarily focused on going through the process of installing my Apeiros USB drivers along with the Arduino class libraries and example programs. I am also looking for people to create their own custom programs for Apeiros, so that any potential issues can be uncovered.

If you would like to learn more about Apeiros, then please visit my twitter page and/or website listed below. This is an exciting opportunity to work with an innovative and unique robot platform! Every beta tester will have the option of purchasing their robot at a substantial discount :)

I've attached a draft copy of my beta test plan along with the setup & install procedure.


-Best Regards, Abe

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