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I am trying to transfer the project to Arduino UNO but the program is stuck on licence validation. Please help!


I'm also stuck on the license when trying to upload - I was still supposed to be on the free trial, but it kept saying expired, so I paid the $.99 for the plug-in and it still says,

"Free trial expired
Your free trial of the Chrome App has expired, please purchase a subscription from the Chrome Web store to upload sketches to your board."

When I go to the Chrome Web Store, it says I paid for it. It worked for a few days and now this issue What do I do?



Hi @edupler,

Please contact support@arduino.cc with any billing receipts you've received from the Chrome Web Store or Google and your Google ID.


Hi @shirinmerchant

Are you still facing the issue? Do you have a subscription from the Chrome Web Store or an classroom one?


Same issue here, bought the subscription from the Chrome Web Store.


I've just tried to purchase a subscription of v1.0.13 of the Chrome App and upload to an Uno everything was fine here.

Could you please let us know what boards you are uploading to and a screenshot of:

1) chrome://extensions
2) On the Arduino Create tile, click on "Inspect: background views", then the console tab in the new window
3) Try to upload a sketch, then the screenshot of the new window opened in 2)


I too have this problem - trial license expired, didn't use the app for a few weeks. Bought it to upload a sketch, and it is stuck on Validating license step. Thoroughly annoying.


Hi @aacloudguy,

Are there any Chrome permissions dialog windows in the background? You only need to accept the permissions once, and the window might not have focus.


I am having the same issue.  I have an UNO R3 board and even trying to upload the blink example from the basics folder did not work.  I was testing out this chrome extension before buying it.  I do not want to spend money on it if it won't even work on trial.  I checked inspect:background views after the failure and see the message:

_generated_background_page.html:1 window.localStorage is not available in packaged apps. Use chrome.storage.local instead.

background.bundle.js:7 starting: version = 1.0.13

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