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Hi everyone .
looking programmer to make a code.

I need to make Motion Activated Stairs using WS2812B LED Strip
and Mega or Uno

1. When is PIR motion sensor ( of course is two sensors on the top and bottom of stairs ) was activated all led is white:
white color effect :like on this video:


but with fade-in effect. Make a option to change speed

 fade-in effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWynJGzJGOw

when after 3 sec or so need to change effect like on this video: go till 0.46 sec to see the effect:


The effect will start from the side of is PIR motion sensor was activated.
This  effect will stay  about min or so ( make possible to change the time ) and when disappear with fade-out effect

Also find this sample ( add rainbow and fade effects  ):


1. Need to use PIR  censor : HC-SR501

Options possible to change my self:

1. I can change how many leds per color ( don't know yet 30 or 60 led per color )
2. Speed to change color
3.Color random or I can add as many colors as i want.
4. How long is white color is stay

With any question please ask

I don't have much budget but this for my brother a surprise for new house
Please email me with a price

Thank you.

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