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My shield worked fine with the normal 3v DC Motors, but when i changed my motors to brushed one, they are just beeping. How could this be solved?


What is the rated voltage and stall current of the new motor?  Do you have a data sheet for the new ("brushed") motor?   How is a "normal" motor different from a brushed motor?


The "normal 3V DC Motors" ARE brushed motors. So as groundFungus suggests the problem is almost certainly that you're now trying to use larger more powerful motors. So exactly what motors are they?



This is the motor that I'm talking about, I'm using them for a bot. I'm gonna use 4. I already changed them with the 3v DC motor and they are now working fine but slows my bot. When those carbon motors are hooked up, the output of the shield is only at 0.1v. Then I only hear a high pitch sound on the motors when activaterd each.


This is the "Brushed" one. The larger voltage motors.

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