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How many of you ordered the Gameduino?  Do any of you wish to have a forum here based on Gameduino and "like platform" development?

There were 471 backers and some of them ordered more than one which means there might be close to 500 Gameduino boards or more being made.  I don't have an exact number.

Is there enough interest to make something happen here?


I ordered one. I'm not sure how much programming that I will do for it but I am excited to see what other people come up with. I am also very serious about supporting any open source gaming endeavours, even though I don't personally play games much, maybe a 2D scroller once a year. I hope that this is just the start and more powerful console systems will be developed. I would like to see a non-proprietary system with high quality games. I would like to see a forum built for gameduino. I am also excited about any other types of applications people will find for the gamduino, like music.

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