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I am new to arduino and now that I got the first touch of it, I would like to know if there is a way to use it for a more complex problem.

I have location A and location B connected with two wire cable. The distance between the two locations is aproximately 2km. Is there a way to use this cable and two arduino units to use them for communication? Did anyone try to do something similar. Right now this cables are used for communication via "Field phone". It would also be hard to replace this wire with any other wire.

I think this could be a great project to start using arduino for real, if it's even possible :)

For any suggestion about how to find the solution, I would be more then thankful.


You could try it with some RS-485 modules but 2km is a bit over spec but with modern drivers you might get it running, depends a bit on the level of ESR the wiring is exposed to. But don't expect high data rates.

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