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Oct 12, 2018, 07:50 am Last Edit: Oct 12, 2018, 08:03 am by AbhayHM
Sorry im a noob, i need to know whether we can have multiple HC-12 transceivers for transmitting data and a single HC-12 transceiver for receiving data.

And i even need to know can we connect HC-12 directly to gps module to transmit data, can we modify the string what it transmits without a micro controller or can we set ant threshold value in HC-12 so that it transmits data only when the value from gps is more than threshold value.   

Your reply would help me a lot


You can have multiple HC12 transmitters and one receiver, but you must make sure that only 1 transmitter transmits at any time.
HC12s cant modify the data that is sent to them.


One potential problem with using the Arduino UNO for this program is that the SoftwareSerial library can only "listen" to one serial port at a time--data sent to a serial port when the software isn't "listening" on that port will be discarded. The program functions as intended during testing, but I would not consider it a robust solution. If you need multiple serial communication ports in your project, consider the Arduino Mega, or a separate chip such as the ATSAMD21.

I am not getting what is multiple serial communication ports!

And thank you for your reply Mauried.

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