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Hello, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
I have an application, (not my own) that needs to have a bluetooth input, however the provider has only put a controller app that is for I-phones.  I have Andoid on my phone.
I have spent two days looking for a suitable app that can display boxes that when pressed sends a string of numbers EG 05,20,10,20,10,01,20,10,01,20,10,01 etc to my Bluetooth 4 HM10 receiver. Different number strings for each box.  Is this available does anyone know please.  My eyes are sore looking on different app stores./
Thank you.


You can try using bluetooth terminal app if you like.

These are simple and you can send any command to the bluetooth module.

link below:


In this app you can set the text to be sent by long pressing the buttons below.



Sorry wrong app use this for bluetooth

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