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Hi there,

I am working on this project which I expected to be fairly easy. However, I've run into some problems.
I have an UNO and an ESP8266 hooked up together as they are supposed to.
What I basically need to do is save the SSID of the strongest network, no connection needs to be made or anything. The only way I have been able to achieve this was directly accessing the ESP8266 and using WiFi.Scannetworks() but this cannot be used when I combine the esp with UNO with the use softwareserial for example and I definitely do not see a way to do this with just AT commands. I feel like I have tried everything I could find online, or at least what I could understand with my beginner skills. Anyone got some pointers for me?



If you have bi-directional serial (duplex), not just wifi-ttl (simplex), between the ESP8266 and the UNO, you can code the ESP8266 to send the SSIDs or strongest SSID to the UNO, and strength values. You can also code the UNO to store (if you can't code the 8266 to store it) the SSID and send it back to the ESP8266.
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I have an UNO and an ESP8266 hooked up together as they are supposed to.
Actually, this sentence does not make sense.

If you have an ESP8266, it is a vastly more capable processor, you do not need a UNO, just program the ESP8266 to do the job, using the Arduino IDE.  (I realise it probably is an ESP-01.)

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