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Hi all, I have been trying to work with an arduino due on a NVIDIA Drive PX2. I have installed arduino IDE Beta version for arm64 boards. I tried connecting an uno and burnt a simple code and it works fine. I tried installing " Arduino SAM Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M3) by Arduino" to use my arduino due by going to Tools>Board>Boards Manager.

When I click on install, an error pops up saying

" Tool arm-none-eabi-gcc is not available for your operating system."

Can you help me out to resolve this issue?


They have not compiled the version of arm-none-eabi-gcc and BOSSAC used by Arduino SAM Board for ARM 64. However, Arduino SAMD Boards uses the same tools, only newer versions. I created my own version of the Arduino SAM Boards hardware package that uses the new tools. The only other difference from Arduino SAM Boards 1.6.11 is that I had to remove the -gcc flag from recipe.c.combine.pattern because that flag causes compilation to fail with the new arm-none-eabi-gcc:
Code: [Select]
arm-none-eabi-gcc: error: unrecognized debug output level 'cc'

Here's how to install it
  • File > Preferences > Additional Boards Manager URLs > add the URL: https://per1234.github.io/ArduinoCore-sam/package_per1234_samarm64_index.json > OK
  • Tools > Board > Boards Manager
  • Wait for downloads to finish
  • Scroll down until you see "Arduino SAM Boards (Arduino SAM Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M3) with ARM64 support by per1234". Click on it.
  • Click "Install".
  • Wait for installation to finish.
  • Click "Close".

You will now have the Due boards under the Tools > Board menu. Let me know how it works for you.

I don't own the Due or ARM 64 hardware so this is hardly tested at all.


Hey pert,
I followed your instructions and it works fine. Thanks a lot for getting back on this.


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