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I am starting a laboratory set-up, in which I need to send a signal to a laser (to have a pulse emission), and send another signal to a spectrometer (to acquire spectra at a given time). These two signals must be send to each equipment at the same time.
I will generate each signal in MATLAB, and I though that probably the best way to send the signals to each equipment at the same time is by arduino.
What do you think? Which arduino do you suggest for this application?

Thank you



LOTS more info needed.

What's the trigger signal going to look like?
What's the output signal going to be?
Why two signals - instead of just sending the same signal to the two different devices? (can't be more "at the same time" than that)
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If you need to send a signal to two things at the same time , then use a single output connected to both items - can't fail

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