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May 17, 2018, 06:58 pm Last Edit: May 23, 2018, 05:45 pm by newdarkworld
Hi everyone!

First of all let me introduce my project. Few days ago I've started with a Sigfox tracking system with sensors and modules that can work at 3.3V (which means it's perfect 'cause no level shifter is needed). Days before I've powered the MKR1200 with a 3.3V power supply at pin VIN successfully although documentation tells to power it with 5V.

My intention is to go for a walk and keep positions every half minute to check the GPS module and recover the info plugging the USB then plotting it to a file to check what happened.

So my question is: Will the MKR1200 switch to VIN (@3.3V) when USB (@5V) plugged? If it doesn't do, could I damage my board?

Thanks for reading!



Hi everyone again!

Finally I've toke the risk to test the board with the most stupid test made by humans. Connect and pray.

First of all, I plugged my power supply @3.3V to VIN and GND to power up my board and finally the USB. I detect that was powered up with VIN because a small difference in voltages that power different electronic parts of the board.




What do you mean with "switch to VIN (@3.3V) when USB (@5V) plugged?". I don't really understand what is your point (it could be my lack of english :) )

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