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Dear all,

I am looking for sample code written for nodeMCU for DHT11 using mqtt client

I looked into few example code & high lighting some points

1) http://www.electronicwings.com/nodemcu/nodemcu-mqtt-client-with-arduino-ide

User has to write wifi ssid and password. If other user having different SSID and Password how it can be done.The code works fine with predefined wifi SSID and password. How it can be made universal in mqtt that can be connected to any network.

2)Which is best broker which allows user to enhance feature
 hiveMQ, Adafruit IO and shiftr.io

3) How can i create my own dashboard with MQTT client code.

4) Is it possible to connect multiple nodemcu with common mqtt brokers



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My question is

which MQQT broker is good as feature wise. Most of example for mqtt is come up with defined SSID and password for wifi.

I would like to configure the Set wifi username and password using MQTT dashboard & then loginto application where i could see the data of DHT11 Sensor Data

Every code will have this .where we need to enter username and password of wifi router. I am looking for sample code where wifi name and password can set from MQTT dashboard. In which MQTT supports. Anyone seen example code
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char username[] = "your usename";
char password[] = "your pwd";


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Hey, I have displayed SHT25 Temp and humidity sensor data in Node red dashboard using MOSCA Mqtt broker, using this blog

This might be useful for you

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