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Hello every one,,,

i am beginner in arduino programming.

I designed 3D CNC router machine .. using arduino uno, two stepper motor with it's shield and dc motor.

my power supply 12 v,,the size of the base of work 1m X 1m.

I want to learn write the program for the arduino to control the cnc,,because all the program i have ever

found in network did not work with the design that i made, also all the sources in google about cnc Gcode

programming, I did not found any source to learn arduino programming for cnc for beginners.

so from where i have to begin to learn step by step program for the cnc?


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Hey Safaa,

Cool that you're planning to build a CNC with Arduino.
This part of the forum is more for teachers and to share materials, so perhaps the Robotics thread would be better.

For 3D CNC's https://github.com/gnea/grbl is quite popular Usually people use a shield for the Arduino this will host the Stepper motor drivers and make the connections to the motors, endstops etc.

Here are some video's of people using Arduino to control a CNC


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