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Hello everyone, i was assigned a task to use Arduino uno R3 mounted by a pozyx tag and also 4 anchors. i have successfully coded for the indoor positioning, and i am able to get accurate readings in the serial monitor when i move the tag together with the board ( since their mounted on each other ). But now i have another task which is to create a flight path and capturing it. Making sure the tag remembers its path where it took. Any ideas on how i can do it.? Or maybe websites that i can research on.

Thank you all for your help :)


If by "create a flight path and capturing it" you mean trace a path through a given set of (X,Y) coordinates, you will need to learn and apply basic navigational principles.

To begin, in addition to the position, you must know the direction of travel or heading angle of the vehicle at all times, relative to the (X,Y) coordinate system. How will you do that?

The "flight path" is determined from the distance and direction of travel (the bearing angle) between two coordinate pairs. The atan2() function is useful for finding the bearing angle, usually measured from the Y coordinate axis.

This overview might be a place to start.

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