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Topic: interfacing nodemcu with DWM1000 and gps for indoor and out door tracking (Read 127 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello Guys i just want to embark on this project Nodemcu with DWM1000

from this link

One thing i learned from this post is that its possible but i have a few question

1. is it possible to store the output of the DWM1000 from the serial monitor to an sd card or

2. will the Nodemcu wifi work at the same time with the DWM1000 so i can just send the data to

3. am trying to make indoor(DWM1000) and Outdoor(GPS) position tracking and some other voice
    recognition included which means i need the sd card to save the data when wifi is not available and
    when wifi is available all this information are sent to database.
    so i will like to know if this is all possible with the nodemcu or not. if not can you suggest another
    capable of this.

    and finally
4. How reliable is the nodemcu for indoor tracking base on the wifi strength in which we can calculate
    distance from the router

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

regards A.

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