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Topic: Shift-Ctrl M (to open Serial Monitor) inserts a carriage return in the editor. (Read 2566 times) previous topic - next topic


I'm a keyboard shortcut kinda guy (my second word processor was WordStar, and I still have to tell my brain not to hit ^K^P to open the print menu, no, it's just ^P now...)

Sometimes I forget to move the cursor to a blank place in my code when I want to pop up the monitor, and end up with stuff like:

if (i =
=6) {   (If the cursor was between the equal signs when I hit SHIFT-CTRL M)

Which, of course generates an error. It can be a bit tedious. Also, when I do remember to move the cursor somewhere reasonable before hitting the shortcut, I end up with code that looks like a high school student tried to pad out a 20 page paper (lots of vertical whitespace) and have to go back and re-edit the file. The IDE does strange things when the mouse pointer is over the tools menu (like reset the boards) in Ubuntu, and this shortcut is a bit of a longcut.

Could the IDE be modified so that if SHIFT-CTRL M is pressed to just open the monitor and not insert a CTRL-M (CR)?


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I've never done much coding (well, really any coding) in Java, but I poked around in the source a bit, and it looks like an
would eat the keystroke before it got sent to the editor.

Just don't know where to put it.



Happens to me too, I'm also a keyboard shortcut guy. But not all the time.

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