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Hi all,

i have to upload data from my sensors attached to my uno wifi rev2, to an online mysql database with different tables. I found posts on this forum and google but the ones i found don't do what i am searching for.

I found this post but that seems to use the local space of the arduino to upload a file. That's not what i am after.

I have four sensors and an api (weatherdata) that i want to upload data from to my online database by use of ftp (if possible sftp - but that seems to be out of reach as yet).

Can anyone provide me with a code sample that sends data to a specific field + table + database?

Many thanks for any help on this!!



by use of ftp
Do you know what FTP stands for? Do you have an f to t?
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Oops... thank you for pointing out the obvious! Sorry for the waste of forum space...

I found this tutorial which looks promising. I am still trying to find a solution on my httpclient.h error. But that would be something for another post :)


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