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I recently purchased and Arduino kit and started to learn a few of the basics.. I'm looking to make a clock that runs an automaton each hour on the hour.. daylight hours anyway.

I I've realised it is going to take me too long to learn all the Arduino programming to do what I need to do.. I just don't have much time with work and kids!

I hope it's ok to ask her but I'm looking for someone to help me with the Arduino side of this project..

In return upon completion of the project I will make them one of the clocks..

I already make and sell my automata as a hobby


Again I hope it's ok to post this kind of thing on this forum...?

Cheers Dave


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Hi Dave,

Sounds interesting...

What type of automation are you considering?  Do you have the mechanism already working and just need the Arduino to manage the time and trigger your animation, or do you need us to control the low-level mechanisms?


PS - I'm desperately in need of a Cuckoo Clock !
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