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I have 3 micro controllers of power ratings 5v 40mA, 5v 20mA and 5v 50mA i have a battery of power rating 12v 2.5Ah , if i use dc to dc 12v to 5v converter to power up all the three micro controllers, how long will the battery last?


Add up all the currents 40+20+50= 110 mA
So in theory with a 2.5Ah source you will get 2.5 / 0.11 = 22.7 hours.
But in practice you are only likely to get half of that.

You can get more battery life if you use a switching converter sometimes called a buck regulator to convert the voltage.


Around 50 hours , assuming 90% efficiency for the buck converter.
Battery is 12V 2.5 AH.



If you let the battery over-discharge, even briefly, its capacity will drop dramatically, note.
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