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I didn't like what was on Amazon for pet water bowl refiller. I wanted one that constantly added fresh water as needed, vs having old stale water sitting or being recirculated until it was all gone. Requiring me to fill it back up again.

Now Billy cat, always has fresh water added when needed with my simple Arduino project.

Started the build over the weekend and it turned out pretty well.

I've tinkered with Arduino's for a few years, but finally getting around to actually making stuff.

This was very fun and I learned quite a bit. Hardest part was hot gluing the wooden dowl rod to the bowl :)


If anyone likes it, ill be posting up a GitHub for this with the source, part list, and crude diagram I made.


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Put up code / parts / crude diagram @



Not that anyone probably cares, but this has been running for ~8 months without a single issue.

I have yet to update anything to the code or setup itself since I put this in.

I still want to put some kind of redundancy to prevent over filling the bowl possibly, but just haven't gotten around to doing so.


You can use your pet water to refill your pet's bowl, or wash your pet rock.
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