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Hey Guys,

Please Help

can someone tell me how i do the PLX-DAQ with this Code:???? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaese

/* FSR testing sketch.
Connect one end of FSR to power, the other end to Analog 0.
Then connect one end of a 10K resistor from Analog 0 to ground
For more information see www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/fsr.html */
int fsrPin = 0;     // the FSR and 10K pulldown are connected to a0
int fsrReading;     // the analog reading from the FSR resistor divider
int fsrVoltage;     // the analog reading converted to voltage
unsigned long fsrResistance;  // The voltage converted to resistance, can be very big so make "long"
unsigned long fsrConductance;
long fsrForce;       // Finally, the resistance converted to force
void setup(void) {
  Serial.begin(9600);   // We'll send debugging information via the Serial monitor
void loop(void) {
  fsrReading = analogRead(fsrPin); 
  Serial.print("Analog reading = ");
  // analog voltage reading ranges from about 0 to 1023 which maps to 0V to 5V (= 5000mV)
  fsrVoltage = map(fsrReading, 0, 1023, 0, 5000);
  Serial.print("Voltage reading in mV = ");
  if (fsrVoltage == 0) {
    Serial.println("No pressure"); 
  } else {
    // The voltage = Vcc * R / (R + FSR) where R = 10K and Vcc = 5V
    // so FSR = ((Vcc - V) * R) / V        yay math!
    fsrResistance = 5000 - fsrVoltage;     // fsrVoltage is in millivolts so 5V = 5000mV
    fsrResistance *= 10000;                // 10K resistor
    fsrResistance /= fsrVoltage;
    Serial.print("FSR resistance in ohms = ");
    fsrConductance = 1000000;           // we measure in micromhos so
    fsrConductance /= fsrResistance;
    Serial.print("Conductance in microMhos: ");
    // Use the two FSR guide graphs to approximate the force
    if (fsrConductance <= 1000) {
      fsrForce = fsrConductance / 80;
      Serial.print("Force in Newtons: ");
    } else {
      fsrForce = fsrConductance - 1000;
      fsrForce /= 30;
      Serial.print("Force in Newtons: ");


What part of those Serial.print() statements tell PLX-DAQ that it is supposed to do something?
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You are sending data that would look like, and is, irrelevant junk to Excel. Just send the values, separated by commas, with a lineshift after the last one in the loop.
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I assume you haven't checked the magnum opus on PLXv2 in the forum. Youwill  probably need to send Excel commands for Time, or some sort of count, otherwise I think you are missing the value of PLX.

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