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Hi everybody
the "green" connector ( for power in + -) in connected to the voltage regulator or what?
I don't find any documentation ... so ... please help me.
limit of voltage? 2 battery AA 1.5V (3.2V new) are ok?


It seems not regulated, and made exactly for 2 AA/AAA batteries.


Can I also use it for charging? Idea is to connect a 5V solar panel to the 5V port and 2*AA Eneloops to the 3V port.


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the green connector is only for 3.0 V  .. not work well with 3.6 (example) .

In my case.. if I use rtc sleep for 4 hours : with 3.0 volts the device sleep 4 hours but if I use 3.6V my device sleep 48 minutes only. 


The green connector has no regulator in the power path.  So,you need to provide one or otherwise ensure the applied voltage remains below 3.3v

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