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I am entry level into the world of programming.  I have experience in AV control systems but this is my first Arduino project.  I have an Arduino 101 and am using the Curie module for both BLE and IMU.  I am only looking at the X axis to determine vehicle motion.  If I move the board around too much, the program gets stuck in the interrupt and will not leave.  What am i doing wrong?  Is there an issue with using both BLE and IMU at the same time?  It doesn't seem like I'm asking too much from the board.

I have a lot of little things in code that I have been using to help troubleshoot the issue.

Any input would be appreciated.


Any insight at all would be helpful.

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Thank you for this information.



There's a programming application called Learn. If that helps you.

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My recommendation is that you read the documentation to solve any type of programming problem. It's like everything, for example in my case when I try to make an application like anonytun, I have to check that the code is well programmed and it doesn't give me errors.
You can see if there are courses in udemy so you can improve a little more, from already greetings and thanks for the information.

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