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I recently took apart my old, barely working (but now not working  :~ ) 13" macbook. To my surprise, the bluetooth module not only has USB, but also labeled MOSI, MISO, CLK, and CSB pins. It also has CIF0 and CIF1, but I have no idea what these are. Has anyone used one of these things before? I tried looking up a datasheet, to no success, and I don't imagine the SPI interface is intuitive. If it helps, the PN on the RF cage is A1114, and I see the "anatel" brand name. I can post a picture if it will help.



Almost all Bluetooth controllers have USB, two serial ports, SPI, analog in/out etc.

Internal, the Bluetooth chip is a complete ARM processor with RAM, ROM, Radio etc.

It runs a firmware from the attached flash eprom (or internally on some variants)

Some years ago i toyed with che CSR Bluecore2 chips - i bought an expensive Serial port Bluetooth module, got a copy of the programming environment and made a Parallel port to SPI adaptor, and read out the firmware, so i could clone it to a cheap Bluetooth module from eBay - worked nicely.

So the price you pay for the Bluetooth to RS232 boards is for the firmware - the hardware is standard, and quite cheap.

// Per.

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