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I'm trying to improve the wifi range (YUN REV 2 firmware up to date), but when connecting an external antenna to the u-fl connector (tried two differents ones : 1dbi and 7 dbi), there is absolutely no impact in the yun wifi AP range (the signal strenght is absolutely the same).

Is this connector really usable or not connected ?



Same problem,
I've seen in many posts that the connector for the external antenna looks like u.fl but is an SWF female connector, I suppose this was true maybe for the first YUN.
I have a YUN rev 2 like you and the connector seems actually identical to all the mini PCIe chipsets that I have...anyway, no change attaching external antennas :(

I'm waiting for an answer to your question too.
Have you found anything?


I am facing the same problem. Plugging external antena does not have any
impact on Wifi signal strength.

I tested also external antena on Seeeduio Cloud and it work perfectly.

Is there any solution. I really like new Yun and I do not want to migrate to Seeeduion.

Best regards,

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