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Hi all, I recently used a new Arduino Nano 3.0 (ATmega328P) board but every time I plug the device a USB malfunction detection message appears (MS Windows 7). I have to try different times before having the device (i.e. the FTDI transceiver) correctly mapped on a COM port.

Looking at the schematics, the pin 26 (TEST) is left open and this may put the transceiver in test mode... The FTDI data sheet, page 8, suggests to tie this pin to ground for normal operation.

The work-around is then to patch the board and solder a thin wire between pin 26 and the ground pin of the near capacitor.

Now I can connect and disconnect the Nano without any USB error messages  ;)


Interesting - both the 2.3 and 3.0 versions of the Nano seem to have this bug.  The FTDI datasheet says it must be tied to ground.
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