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Hello Peeps.

One is fairly new to this Arduino lark, but I've managed to hook up an Uno to a GPS module that then passes it to a WiFi module, which in turn runs a web server that has a page that displays the GPS co-ordinates on a webpage and updates without refreshing.

So far, so good.

Now I need to have a button on said webpage that saves the current location data. I'm happy to figure out how to save that data (I think SPIFFS is what I'm after there) but for now, what I really really want..

..is just to get a bloody button that tells me it's been clicked in the serial monitor - I can take it from there.

I don't need all this LED turning off and on which ALL the code I've tried to hack have been doing. It's adding a layer of complication I don't need and I can't seem to strip out the bits I want.

Can anyone tell me what code I need to insert to get what I require? I will happily send you virtual biscuits/cookies and hot beverages of your choice for, like, ever.

Code for the EPS8266 WiFi board in file. Note I'm using page += to build the page - I think I need to close the client somehow but.. yea. I'm lost.


..is just to get a bloody button that tells me it's been clicked in the serial monitor
I'm pretty sure that the bloody button will never be clicked in the serial monitor.

yea. I'm lost.
Since you posted just a snippet of code, I'm going to post a snippet of the answer.

It's pretty simple. You just need to

Hope that helps.

By the way, I doubt seriously that you connected the UNO to the GPS...
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