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I have been using an Arduino Teensy 3.2 for quite a while, successfully retreiving MIDI Sysex Raw messages, and sending MIDI CC/PC and NOn/NOff messages. For that I used the Arduino usbMIDI library, and all works well.
However, my current project requires lots of pins, so I now have an Arduino Due. And I have encountered two issues. This topic deals with the first.

I cannot get the Arduino usbMIDI library (which easily manages Sysex and Sysex Raw messages) to operate on the Due - an error message tells me that the PluggableUSB.h file cannot be found. Therefore I have had to use the MIDIUSB Library instead. The problem is that no documentation is given on managing Sysex or Sysex Raw messages in that library - it seems to be exclusivelyfocussed on Note On/Note Off and Control Change messages.

So: to the quesion: is it possible to retrieve MIDI Sysex and Sysex Raw messages from the Due using MIDIUSB Library? Any hints will be gratefully received.
If it is not possible, how can we get rid of the missing PluggableUSB  header file message? Any hints on that will also be welcome.

I do hope that **someone** has been able to get Sysex / Raw messages out of the Due. If not maybe I'll have to find a board with the 60-odd pins that will run the usbMIDI  library without throwing up the Pluggable error.

Thanks in advance and best wishes,

Kenneth Spencer

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