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hi everyone, are there any news on getting the raspi camera to work?


Hi, I have the same question.  Did anyone get this to work with a Raspberry Pi Camera V2 and the VidorEnableCam example?  I have a RasPi NoIR Camera v2.1 and I can not seem to get an image to show on the Vidor 4000 HDMI output.  There is no error from the Serial console and the screen seems to be active, but no camera image.  The camera works fine on a Raspberry Pi but not on the Vidor. 

The NoIR has a Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor i2c according to the Raspberry Pi site for the product.

Do I need to change the i2c address for this or something to get it work with the camera to enable in the VidorEnableCam example?




I'm interested in getting a couple of Vidor MKR 4000 boards, but am waiting to see the outcome of the current posts, in particular post # 16 by jomoengineer.

I have the same question.


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