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I have here a pair of Butterfly devices from the company as it was then Atmel. I collected them from an event they ran a good many years earlier. They were running an event of some special sort on LI and I was given one of them to take back here, the second was because they had spares.

Much later before Google Code went dark or in this case read-only only, I came across an entry on how to turn one of these in a device that could be programmed via the regular Arduino IDE. I think both of mine are AVR168s, although it is a possible that they are the 169 types.

I know that I need to solder on the headers for the serial port, that's a given, and even to access the different ports. (Outside of the commited ones for the LCD display and the sound output one and the other sensors.)

However there was some question as to the libraries that were generated that tracked the functions of the board being included to later releases of the IDE. I have a copy of the library as it existed for the 012 release. I believe it will work with some tweaking. Did this library integration take place?


There is a hardware package for the Butterfly by the author of the popular Mighty/Mini/Mega/MicroCore:
I'm not sure what state it's in though.


The butterfly has a "real rs232" port, so you need a bit of additional hardware to connect one to most modern computers.

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