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I'm new to Arduino and not very experienced so I apologize if this sounds like basic question. I want to hook up Arduino Uno board with 4 MPU 6050 accelerometers. So the accelerometers will each give the data/value of an impact force and send that data to Arduino UNO to be stored into an SD card and will also transmit a Bluetooth alert when a particular impact force is detected from the accelerometers.

My question is, is it possible to use 4 MPU 6050 accelerometers with the Arduino Uno board? Because I did some search and could only find resources on how to use only up to 2 accelerometers. If possible, could you give me some advice on how to do it in the Arduino code and would I be needed any additional devices such as multiplexor, decoder etc..? Will this be on the i2c, analog or digital?

Thanks in advance.


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My reading of the info about this breakout board is that it has 2 selectable I2C addresses, so typically only 2 can be used.
But this page shows a trick  that might let you use more.


Also, any advice on how to work with realtime data on the accelerometers to be transmitted into the Uno and use the Uno to send alerts to a Bluetooth device?


Do it in small pieces.
Get one accelerometer to work, showing the values to the serial monitor.
Then get 2 working.
Then try the trick to get more than 2 working.

Then set that all aside and work on the bluetooth sketch.
Then add back in the accelerometers.

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