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Hi, I am using an Arduino Uno R3 with a l298n driver in my project (a line follower), when the arduino is plugged all work perfect, but when I unplug it, it stops working, and L led starts blinking 3 times fast than pause(in loop). I tried a normal 9v battery and a 3.7v 4400h battery and the same result, than i tried another Arduino uno same thing, but when I tried a leonardo, it worked.
Sry for my english.


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and L led starts blinking 3 times fast than pause(in loop)
No solution but that sounds like your Arduino is constantly rebooting.

9V batteries (those flat ones with 2 'pins' on top) can more than likely not deliver enough current, so voltage drops at the moment that too much current is required.

3.7V is too low (if not mistaken) for a 16MHz 328P; check the datasheet, I don't have one at hand to check.
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I tested it on Leonardo and it's enough, but what can I do to use the Uno without this problem?
(now I can't use Leonardo, I used it in a school project)

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