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Hey guys

I am new to programming (been doing it for a few weeks now) and i want to know if there is some way to make my Blue smirf (bluetooth device) turn of the led in my Arduino when my phone (or other devices go out of range)

my ideas that i dont know how to code is that the Blue smirf automatically send some data that tells the Arduino to turn off
or or constant stream of data between the devices but when that gets broken(the phone disconnects) the arduino turn off

Thanks in advance!


Blue smirf Bluetooth modems can talk to any other Bluetooth device that supports SPP. Not all smartphone will advertise this and need an app...

how do you plan to pair?
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Think about this. You posted here, hoping someone would read and reply. Suppose that everyone was out of range. What can you infer about the lack of responses? NOTHING.

Unless your Arduino is as annoying as that stupid "can you hear me now" cell phone company commercial, and your phone is constantly wasting power replying "yes, damn it", the Arduino can not tell that the phone has gone out of range.

Even if the Arduino constantly polled, and the phone constantly replied, a lack of reply does NOT mean that the phone went out of range. It could have been turned off. The battery could have died. The phone might have been carried into the restroom (my phone can not be used in our restroom, for some reason).
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