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I registered my board on SigFox OK, but when I send the first message, it doesn't appear on the SigFox site.

My serial monitor shows this:-

MKRFox1200 Sigfox first configuration
SigFox FW version 2.3
ID = 001D255F
PAC = C3CFD99A6B96063A

Register your board on https://backend.sigfox.com/activate with provided ID and PAC
Type the message to be sent
Sending E
Transmission ok

My sketch is:-
#include <SigFox.h>
#include <ArduinoLowPower.h>
void setup() {
 while (!Serial) {};
if (!SigFox.begin()) {
 Serial.println("Shield error or not present!");
 // Enable debug led and disable automatic deep sleep
 // Comment this line when shipping your project :)
String version = SigFox.SigVersion();
 String ID = SigFox.ID();
 String PAC = SigFox.PAC();
// Display module informations
 Serial.println("MKRFox1200 Sigfox first configuration");
 Serial.println("SigFox FW version "+ version);
 Serial.println("ID = "+ ID);
 Serial.println("PAC = "+ PAC);
Serial.println("Register your board on https://backend.sigfox.com/activate with provided ID and PAC");
// Send the module to the deepest sleep
Serial.println("Type the message to be sent");
 while (!Serial.available());
String message;
 while (Serial.available()) {
 message += (char)Serial.read();
// Every SigFox packet cannot exceed 12 bytes
 // If the string is longer, only the first 12 bytes will be sent
if (message.length() > 12) {
 Serial.println("Message too long, only first 12 bytes will be sent");
Serial.println("Sending "+ message);
// Remove EOL
// Example of message that can be sent
void loop()
void sendString(String str) {
 // Start the module
 // Wait at least 30mS after first configuration (100mS before)
 // Clears all pending interrupts
int ret = SigFox.endPacket(); // send buffer to SIGFOX network
 if (ret > 0) {
 Serial.println("No transmission");
 } else {
 Serial.println("Transmission ok");

Any idea why the message is not being received?


I assume you have activated your device
are you in range of a Sigfox basestation?

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