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Right now I am communicating data between an Xbee=>sparkfun xbee shield=>arduino Uno to an xbee on a computer.

The default pins on the shield for communicating with the xbee on Dline are soldered pads on 2 and 3. I need those pins however to measure a hall sensor on an actuator. So I connected the pins 2 and 3 from the xbee to 4 and 5 according to sparkfuns shield hookup guide. Everything works fine.

My question is, what happens if I switch the shield from DLINE to UART. Will I still be able to send data between the xbees via pins 0 and 1? Will this affect my ability to upload programs or plug in the arduino? My hands are very shaky and soldering another 10 of these pads is beyond my ability.

Can I upload my program using softwareserial xbee(0,1) in the Dline position, then as soon as I unplug it, switch it to Uart to receive data?

Thank you in advance!
'Why is this working? '


For future reference yes this works!

Need to switch to Dline to upload program, then switch to UART to communicate with the zigbee
'Why is this working? '

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