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I have been trying to use the current template of MKRVIDOR posted on github to do a test project but the quartus tool doesn't recognize the instantiation of the PLL.
Do I need to modify anything in there ?

Also is there any guides coming out soon for how to drive IOs between SAMD and FPGA


Nov 08, 2018, 08:27 am Last Edit: Nov 08, 2018, 04:58 pm by philippe_at_sysemb
Hello omareddashatul,

Dario's template should work fine without any modification.
Do you use Version 18 of quartus and have you install Cyclone 10LP device ?
If so, please be more precise with the error you have.

Another option could be to try one of my projects, but if generic template doesn't work, I think the result will be the same.


I figured out what the problem was.
I have included only the template folder in my project without the IPs. That made the PLL instant undefined.

I'm still curious about whether I need to create an IP for the oscillator?


Up for.the oscillator is there just to show there is one however that is not connected in the template so you can omit it to you don't care to have other clocks

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