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Nov 12, 2018, 07:58 am Last Edit: Nov 12, 2018, 07:59 am by PPeach
Hi, I have three issues about my vidor

1.I have to double-tap reset button quickly to upload, it can't upload automatically like other arduino boards. I don't know it's software problem or hardware problem.My environment Win10 Pro 1803.

2.When I try VidorTestSketch,it said

  // The VidorBase bitstream provides various extra peripherals, that can be controlled with the standard Arduino API
  // To find which pins you need to use, please refer to the onlune documentation

 Where can I find these online documentation?

3.when I try WiFiNINA library -> tools -> FirmwareUpdater to upload esp32 firmware, I opened the serial monitor and found that the program didn't seem to run.Is there a problem with my operation?

Thanks a lot


I'm having a same issue as your number 1. Is there any solution to this, anyone?  :smiley-confuse:  TIA

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