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I use the simple "ReceiveSMS" example. I have checked there are two problems:

- a SMS which has only space char(s) is seen as
+CMGL: 9,"REC UNREAD","+39xxxxxxxxxxx",,"18/11/12,11:07:18+04"

- a SINGLE CHAR SMS is never read from the card with the exception of an SMS consisting of a single space character (see above).

Any suggestions ?
Son fortunato perché il mio lavoro mi appassiona !!!


Hi @gbtassara,

If you could please open an issue on GitHub with detailed steps to reproduce, that would be great. This includes what SMS message was sent from the phone.



Dear sandeepmistry,
I have just opened an issue on GitHub as per your instructions.

Many thanks.
Giovanni Tassara
Son fortunato perché il mio lavoro mi appassiona !!!

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