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Hello everyone!

I'm in trouble with my touch board, I just bought one, I want to use it as a MIDI controller to launch images during a video mapping installation but it doesn't work. I put it Midi_interface_generic via the Arduino software but no signal is sent to Resolume or Mad Mapper. I tried to put it in HID_Keyboard to see if it sent something to Note but nothing either. The red led activates yet when I touch the electrodes.

Someone can help me?

For information I turn on windows 10 and I already tried to reset the board.

Thank you so much!


You're a bit a short on useful detail. Perhaps you can start with what your "touch board" is. Then what Arduino you are using.

Please post the code you used to "put it Midi_interface_generic" and how you are connecting it to whatever is running Resolume or Mad Mapper.


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