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Hi I would like to confirm if my block diagram of components is right. I do not have much knowledge in circuits and all comments would highly be appreciated.

First question: Is it possible to connect an AC source to the car battery without affecting the system?
Approaches made: I found in the internet several AC chargers with Overcharge protection and others however I would still like to ask if it is the best/right solution.

Second question: Are the other components connected right?
Approach made: I based some of the components connection through the available projects on the internet

The block diagram is attached below


Your mains powered charger should be matched to the battery and would naturally be charging the battery with DC . To ensure DC power sources do not conflict with each other, simply put a diode in series with each. A schottky diode reduces the voltage by less than half a volt.

Your diagram probably contains all the key components you require. Once you identify individual devices, you may find some points of detail about the power requirements. For example, it may be possible to power a solenoid or relay module directly from the 12 volt battery or power some sensors directly from the regulator of the Meg 2560 board etc.


6v6gt thank you for the idea about schottky diode.

I would just like to clarify if the connection (in series) is as follow (in the attached file).

I will also take note of direct connection of components.



If all the charging systems are voltage based for over-charge prevention, they can coexist with diodes (although
they can still have issues due to switching from fast to trickle charge being seen by the others).

Note the diode will affect the voltage seen a bit, so a good chunky schottky is best to reduce this voltage error.

If a charging system is trying to estimate total charge by coulomb-counting, it needs to be the only
device in the charge/discharge path so it sees all the charge flows.  In practice any good charging system
will be monitoring voltage anyway.
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This would be better.

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