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Hello, Could somebody pls recommend a box or a case for the Arduino Leo. I need something where I can screw down the Ard, and internally connect the USB to a USB jack on the case, and connect the pins to jacks on the case


If you mean Leonardo, then any case for a regular Arduino should fit - they are shaped the same. The usb connector is smaller so there will be some space around it.
What, I need to say something else too?


where is the case for the Leonardo available? Could you pls post a link


internally connect the USB to a USB jack on the case, and connect the pins to jacks on the case
You're going to need quite a bit of extra space beyond the size of the Leonardo in the enclosure to accommodate all of that. Certainly there is no chance of it fitting in a standard Arduino enclosure. You'll need to decide which cabling, connectors, and jacks you're going to use and then determine the required dimensions. After that, it's just a matter of finding an enclosure that meets your needs. eBay and Aliexpress have a good selection. You can also get them from all the normal components distributors (Digikey, Mouser, etc.).

The price of enclosures goes up sharply with size. You might reduce the cost quite a bit by using a Pro Micro instead of the Leonardo.


I looked at the boxes on ebay, but I don't know how to put in the jacks, connectors etc. Is there a kit that has all this already installed?


There are plenty of things like this:

But that's a bit different than what you described since it just provides cutouts for the Arduino board's existing connectors. However, it's a very cheap and easy solution if that will actually meet your needs.

It's very unlikely there would be any kit available for what you described. If you really want that, then you're going to need to make it yourself. That sort of thing is a bit tricky to get right but the skills you gain will be quite useful for putting the finishing touches on future projects.


There are a number of companies that make generic plastic cases.  I have used a lot of Hammond cases (found on Digikey).

You can also look on ebay for "plastic project box"  you will have to determine what size you need for your board and jacks.

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