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am I alone in identifying more with Spock than Kirk?

Well obviously, yes.
We true engineers identify with Scottie.


Now I'm picturing the next noob-E thread wanting to know why they need a resistor with an LED when it "works fine without one".

<Scottie accent>Cause she caaahnt tehk mooch mohrrr of thaaat, Captin'!</Scottie accent>


Generally speaking, the limit is 24 volts for speaking

I have no clue what "for speaking" was supposed to be... obviously I got distracted lol


There was a great spoof ad on atomfilms.com about flying cars - put out by the bus company!
Wish I could find it, was really funny!
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Well obviously, yes. We true engineers identify with Scottie.

That is not logical.
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4. This is different in the house wiring (behind the walls) where the colour (color) scheme is red for live, black for neutral an bare copper for earth.

Not any more it isn't.  You'll still find it in houses but it was phased out a few years ago.

Edit: just to clarify I mean in the UK.  We're now the same as the rest of europe in that house wiring is the same as consumer wiring.

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