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There's an SVG linked on the site.

Just convert that to a large jpg if that's what you want.



I did convert the SVG too. Maybe the limitation is at the Diptrace itself. When I use a better silkscreen recognizability to 1 mil, it looks good. But, it might have issues when send to fab. Thanks.


What PCB software are you using?

There was a PCB logo made too for EAGLE (/KiCAD)

I'd recommend converting to over 1000x1000 as a jpg and importing that if you want to do it that way - what res were you using before?


I'm using Diptrace. In Diptrace, you just need to place the image into the PCB, they will convert to silkscreen layer itself.
But, to get the JPG, I used this: http://www.fileformat.info/convert/image/svg2raster.htm
The results is pretty bad. Is there any other converter around?


I just draw this in Corel and rasterized it.

Note this is not official, but maybe close enough.
Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com



Thank you so much. But, I just tried and it looks the same. I guess it's the Diptrace limitation during conversion.
Let me try drawing straight on the silkscreen layer as a component.
Thanks again.

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